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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Swarm trap--First Attempt and learning that I need some help

While getting ready for my two hives, I noticed a lot of honeybees visiting me in the garage when I was painting some of the hive components. They must have been attracted to the sweet smell of the foundation wax . . because there was no honey around and all of the hive components were unused.

Here are some things I learned:
  1. It shouldn't be sitting on sitting on the ground
  2. Lemongrass oil is harder to find than I thought (I found it at Whole Foods--holding my nose since that aisle is an attack on your olfactory sense--whew!)
  3. Since the oil evaporates fairly quickly, I found a recipe for a grease pattie: see below
  4. I used a paper towel to clean the grease pattie pan and added it to the hive
  5. I still have more bees visiting my garage than my swarm trap
Swarm Trap Lure Grease Pattie Recipe:
  1. 15-20 drops of lemongrass oil
  2. Beeswax (I used half of a candle that was in the "goodie" bag from the Atlanta Beekeeper's short course)
  3. Olive oil--not sure how much I used (2 tsp?) it helped to "thin" the wax to make it more like an ointment (my wife hates that word)
  4. I melted the wax in a throw-away pan and added the olive oil and 15-20 drops of lemongrass oil.
  5. I poured it into a used coffee cup and let it cool.
  6. I smeared it at the entrance of an unused brood box and on top of some frames.
  7. I used some Saran-wrap to cover the unused portion.
the grease was also spread on bottom board


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