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This should be interesting. I have no experience in beekeeping, except what I can glean from others.

For timeline . . . the install date will be April 22, 2012

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

+6 Days: Beesource to the Rescue!! & Recycling the Comb & Syrup

Holy Comb Suggestions:

The Beesource members were great. They suggested I fill the void at the top so the bees won't. They also suggested a different style feeder, but I am going out of town and won't have the time to get a new one. Lastly, someone said they moved the bag feeder above the inner cover, thus creating it's own compartment, discouraging the bees even more.

Balling the Queen:

Also, some thought that what I was calling "balling" they were thinking it was more of a cluster. I searched for more info on "Balling" the queen. For the bees, the goal of "Balling" the queen (insert 13 year old humor here) is to kill the queen through a combination of heat from the tight ball, biting her, and starving her. Hopefully it seems like mine is not a "balling" situation just as cluster.

Here are some pictures of the comb that I had to scrape off the innner cover. I let it fall to the cavity between the screened bottom board and the slatted rack .

Unfortunately, some of what you see are dead bees that got pinned between the bottom screen and sugar syrup filled comb.

I placed the frame below to show how much wax was falling to the ground. This was only about 20 mins worth. They are working fast.

Another shot of the underside of the hive.

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