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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Inspiration: "Daddy why are no bees visiting our Garden?"

First off, I want to give credit to three people . .  my 9 year old daughter, Maxine Watkins,  and Linda from Linda's Bees.

Eddie with one of his beekeepers
My bee story starts with me trying to explain (and stumbling along the way) to my daughter about how vegertables start with blooms, bees visit the blooms . . . and that's where the vegetables start. Two days later she walks up to me with a very concerned look and says: "Daddy, why are there no bees in our Garden? . . now we won't have any vegetables!!!". I assured her with a few words . . . but it got me thinking . . . and that was the start of it.

About the same time Maxine Watkins had a top-bar hive in the rear of the parking lot at our office. I had never seen one, but was very interested in it.  It had a sad ending, the bees swarmed, right before it got cold, thus I don't think they made it through our winter.

Although, I have never met Linda from Linda's Bees personally, I have learned a lot from her blog and take a lot of inspiration from it. She writes in a way that is easy to understand. Thanks Linda!

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