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This should be interesting. I have no experience in beekeeping, except what I can glean from others.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Comb in the wrong places

Ooops--I have made another mistake . . . one of the Beesource members suggested I move the ziploc baggies feeder above the inner board. I was all set to go ahead and do this and made a last second decision to leave it alone.

I come back from the kid's spring break and it looks like they used the time to build comb on top of the frames . . . on the other hive. I saved this comb for later use.

The initial "Holy Comb" post was on the other hive. Both baggie feeders are now above the inner cover.

--Eddie O.


  1. If the temperatures are too cold the bees won't leave the cluster to feed above the inner cover. At these cold temps you can feed directly on the frames (i.e. below 40 degrees). Check out the comb I had to remove (http://strathconabeekeepers.blogspot.ca/2012/03/miracle-bees.html)

  2. I wonder what to do with all of the comb. The first time, I dropped it into the bottom (they are still working on removing the wax). The second time I saved it for later after I saw someone use rubberbands to hold the pieces of comb into a frame.

    Eddie O.