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This should be interesting. I have no experience in beekeeping, except what I can glean from others.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

+35 days . . . Lookin' for Burr Comb in all the wrong places . . .

Singing Johnny Lee's 1980 song "Lookin for love" in all the wrong places, lookin for love in all the wrong faces . . .

Dang . . . that dates all of us who remember that one. John Travolta in Urban Cowboy.

Anyways, either the bees do not like the pierco plastic frames or they just wanted to make some wonky comb. Either way it was a mess . . they started to build comb away from the face of the frame rather than on it. It was located on the upper brood box and 2-3 frames away from the center.

At first I turned the frames around hoping for th ebest, but after thinking about it two days later, I figured the bees would not know what I envisioned as "hoping for the best". Thus, I scraped off a lot of this comb

Another view:

It was filled with honey, nectar or a little sugar syrup and jsut glopped everywhere as I used my hive tool to scrape it onto some cardboard.

They did fill some of the upper frames with brood. The population should be increasing exponentially.


  1. I honestly believe bees hate Pierco frames. And I can tell you, I'll never buy any more of them. Every colony I use them on has varying results; many times they just won't draw them completely out. I've never had that problem with wooden frames, even with Plasticell foundation. I've bought my last one piece plastic frame. Good luck with your bees!

  2. I am starting to think you are correct. I wish I would have gone plastic on one and pure wax or even foundationless. I can't help thinking that the others might have been accepted and built out a little quicker.