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This should be interesting. I have no experience in beekeeping, except what I can glean from others.

For timeline . . . the install date will be April 22, 2012

Please comment. I need all the help I can get!

Eddie O.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 0: Installing 3lb packages for both hives

I timed a business trip so i could stop by H&R Apiaries in order to pick up my bees (about a 4hr drive). They had just boxed the bees earlier that morning and they were everywhere!!

I used a bungee cord to keep the trunk propped open a little so they would not overheat for the trip home.

The bees were not aggressive at all . . . I suppose it was because there wasn't any honey/stores to protect. I have to admit I was initially pretty apprehensive about it all during my 4 hour trip home . .  but once I started, I totally forgot about it all and just went with it.
Here is a video of most of the installation:

Lessons learned:

  1. No need to be nervous since they were not aggressive at all
  2. It was a lot easier than I thought.
  3. The kids were surprisingly brave about it all.
  4. Bring a screwdriver to pry the staples off instead of the hive tool
  5. Beekeeping for Dummies is by far the best book for beginners
  6. Ask myself again--how did I get myself into this?

Packages of bees ready for pick-up

Here is my water source. I got this
 masonry mixing tub for $5 at Home Depot.
 It's located near bagged cement.
Successful installation!! (so far......)

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