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This should be interesting. I have no experience in beekeeping, except what I can glean from others.

For timeline . . . the install date will be April 22, 2012

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hive location! One week and I pick up my bees!

Armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous. . . .

Here is the location of the two hives (yet to be named). It sits back away from my back yard and faces SE (not visible from the neighbors). Also, I tried to aim the bees flight path between the neighbors house and mine.

I will be picking up my bees in Jesup, GA on March 21st from H&R Apiaries  . . . it should be interesting since it is about 4 hours away (I have some business nearby). It will be two 3lb packages.

Looking over back fence (just cinder blocks for now)

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